Targeting Key Influencers


Our client supported the launch of a new small business software product through an industry award-winning structured engagement program targeting a key influencer community. Think.Act created the business case, then drove program definition, planning and launch.

The Business Challenge
Our client, a major international software provider, was launching a new small business software product against a deeply entrenched and successful incumbent product and company. Through product planning research, the client had identified that the Accounting Professional community was a very strong influencer of small business software purchase decisions. As such, the client wanted to create a structured engagement program with account professionals which would educate them on the benefits of their software to influence the recommendations from accounting firms to their small business clients.

The Approach
Think Act developed the quantitative and qualitative backed plan for the relationship program and supported successful approval by the client’s senior management. Think.Act then led a multi-disciplinary team spanning partner marketing, product marketing, and operations to define the details of the program, build the launch plan, program manage the program development cycle, launch the program, then support it during the post-launch period.

The Outcome
The program launched successfully with the product launch, met all launch and post launch goals, and received accolades and a key industry award for ‘Best Accounting Professional Program’ from an influential industry leader in accounting related technology training, seminars and publications.