Product Management for New CE Product Line


Think.Act provided the core product management for two releases of a new consumer electronics product line for an innovative consumer electronics OEM in the mobile segment.

The Business Challenge
The target was a new audio accessory targeting the personal peripheral market working with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Based on its innovative design and features, the product had an inherent value proposition which needed to be turned into the marketing deliverables to drive the company’s marketing and sales machine. Short staffed in product management, but needing to quickly execute, the client turned to Think Act to provide the core product management services needed to get to launch. And given the fast paced nature of the client’s work style, Think Act was able to fit right in and make it happen.

The Approach
Think.Act worked as the client’s product management proxy, taking on the needed roles to drive the core set of product management deliverables for the initial release and support other product management functions such as review of a technology licensing deal.

Think Act developed the core business modeling for the new line working with Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, and Sales. The work ensured the client saw a profitable yet risk managed opportunity in green lighting the final push to develop and bring the first generation product to market.

We also drove the value proposition creation, starting with a competitive sweep leading to a positioning messaging framework, and then a detailed value proposition – all in close coordination and review with marketing, senior management, and the engineering team. Given the firm was attempting to develop a niche within an existing product category, effective customer segmentation and targeting was important. As such, Think Act developed an innovative view on customer segmenting enabling the client to target specific segments with strong specific value propositions for each segment.

The Outcome
In the end the client was able to have a strongly positioned product for launch, represented across all marketing properties. The unique value proposition of the product combined with the marketing push enabled the new product to break through and achieve strong sales for a Gen 1 offering. And as the effort was so well received, Think Act performed the same services for the client’s next release of the product for that line.

Capping off the second engagement, Think Act developed an online go-to-market advertising execution enabling the client to connect with potential customers using emerging “media” (e.g. apps and properties) in which the potential customers were engaged in activities that the client’s product line could deliver significant value. The execution was designed to measure its ability to convert directly to sales as well as how it moved a potential customer along in the purchase process.