Or how we help clients excel, with reach and impact belying our size
Strategy Development

Strategy formulation fortified by our experience and ability to work across executive and functional teams. Built on industry knowledge and rigorous thought. Resulting in plans that land. Actionable. Creative. Effective.

Strategy Execution

Support along the entire project lifecycle, by taking strategy and turning it into business results from launch to sustaining execution, with consistent partner engagement throughout. Transforming strategic plans into action.

product management

Planning and execution against one or more fundamental marketing or traditional product management disciplines. Focusing on strategic marketing and new product or program planning and execution.

initiative incubation

A unique practice that applies our business and technical capabilities to help clients take embryonic strategic initiatives through early critical stages. From ideation and piloting to transition to client resources and capabilities for scale.


What defines us, and differentiates us
Putting clients first. Always.

THOUGHT BEFORE ACTION - rigor upfront on problem definition, outcomes and approach pays dividends.

FLEXIBILITY - things change, we adapt. This is a foundation of long term client relationships.

INTEGRITY - we demand and maintain the highest ethical standards internally and with clients.

DIVERSITY - in talent, experience and approach to deliver against hard problems and bring value to clients.

  • thought before action

    Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought - Henri L. Bergson


Creative business minds with a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit
dilpreet kaur
dilpreet kaur
Founder, Partner
Ms. Kaur founded Think.Act in 2001. She brings a passionate business development expertise that has helped clients achieve business goals and cultivated the company’s 15 year record of success and growth.
darrell craig
darrell craig
Co-Founder, Partner
Mr. Craig is Think.Act’s lead strategist, responsible for transforming complex business, marketing, and product management challenges into strategic approaches and executable plans. He holds an MBA from UT Austin.
bharath modayur
bharath modayur
Chief Technologist
Dr. Modayur is responsible for driving technology-related aspects of Think.Act’s engagements. Dr. Modayur has been behind several successful startups and received his Ph.D. from the University of WA.

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