A marketing and management consultancy

Think.Act is a boutique marketing and management consulting firm collaborating with clients in the technology space to Think smarter, Act more effectively, and deliver impactful results against key business challenges.


Strategy formulation fortified by our experience and ability to work across executive and functional teams. Built on industry knowledge and rigorous thought. Resulting in plans that land. Actionable. Creative. Effective.
Support along the entire project lifecycle, by taking strategy and turning it into business results from launch to sustaining execution, with consistent partner engagement throughout. Transforming strategic plans into action.
Planning and execution against one or more fundamental marketing or traditional product management disciplines. Focusing on strategic marketing and new product or program planning and execution.
Decision support to better understand and communicate the business impact of resource allocation, strategies or execution paths. Finding innovative approaches to figuring out the toughest questions or problems.


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We are well versed in (and sometimes drive in-house) the application of current technologies towards solutions in our service areas, and bring a passion for (appropriate) application of technology to each engagement.
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Belying our size, we've spent years driving global solutions. Our projects have targeted the major developed markets, and include extensive work in emerging markets, including China, India, Russia and Brazil.
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Our portfolio spans consumer and business segments (small, mid-market and enterprise), and many individual roles within each. We've worked across the tech ecosystem, including component provider, manufacturer or OEM, and service providers.